Friday, July 22, 2011

What happened? where did my post go yesterday! I wrote a really good post and the bloody thing disappeared! I wrote about how I had a job interview yesterday and I was hoping to get the job, but since I have lost my last job I had started wearing a scarf. I was nervous about going into the interview with a scarf on and what the person will think. Well, I went to the interview and the lady was very nice, the company was nice, very casual atmosphere. I think the interview went well, they have to call me for the third round of interviews if I did well, So I will wait and see. I am sick of looking for a job, I want a job and I want this job, it is more than I have ever made, it is a good location and the job is using the skills I have. Please pray I get it. I got a job at a retail store, a bog retail store, I am surprised they didn't care about the scarf, they just wanted the skills. Even though I would be dealing with the public. The corporate job, where there is no customer interaction I feel look at the scarf as a hindrance. Oh well, off to write thank you letters to the interviewer......

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