Monday, July 18, 2011


Today is my youngest birthday! I cant believe he is 6, wow! I remember when he was born, so vividly like it was yesterday. He was an easy birth, I drove myself to the hospital and was induced, he arrived about 3 hours after induction started! which is quick!. Now he is 6, wow! I think I should be sad he is growing, but I love it once the kids become independent, I hated the diapers and the pooing and peeing everywhere. I hated the late night feeds and the dependence the kids had on me. I was crying with joy the day we stopped using diapers, I knew I would never have to use them again!
Update on the Harry Potter movie, I am going to take oldest today to watch it, probably in the morning, when tickets are cheaper, I know I am cheap, but I have to be.
I ahve to make the frigging cake today too! I have to make a cars cake, and some cupcakes! I have never made cupcakes before! Birthday boy wants a lightning mcqueen cake, so we went to Michaels yestrrday and bought the mold and the frosting. I had the fod coloring at home so I will use the cloring to make the different colors and then use plastic sadnwhich bags to make icing bags, cut a corner off and use it for th edetail. I am so stressed about this!. It was my idea to make a cake rather than buy one, but I didnt know Birthday boy would be so specific about what he wants!
How do you celebrate birthdays? In Islam they are not celebrated, when I was little we didn't celebrate them either, we just bought a cake and cut it after dinner. I have kept that tradition now too. Tonight, after and if I make this cake, after dinner we will all get together and put a candle on the cake, sing, cut and eat. We never do any big parties, I don't think it is right to commercialize it so much, he got gifts(Cars 2 game!) and a cake, that should be it right?

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