Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lightning Mcqueen and Harry Potter

Have you seen them? we went to watch Lightning Mcqueen the day ti came out, I had to fork out money for the IMAX 3D experience, which was nice, not worth the $20 a ticket each though. The kids loved it, my youngest loved LM, he cant get enough of it. It is his birthday tomorrow and he wants me to bake him a cake! I have just started baking and he wants a LM cake, okay, will let you know how it goes!
Harry Potter is out too, my oldest loves HP, he wants to go see that today, I will see if I can manage it today otherwise I want to go tomorrow, there should be less people there tomorrow. I cant for out $20 each again, so I want to go in the morning when it will be cheaper!My oldest and I read the whole HP series of books so to go and watch the movie is a mom and son kind of event we  need to do.
I do have a AMC Stubs card it gives you points each time you use it and it lets you buy a medium soda and popcorn for the price of a small, or a large for the price of medium, that helps!
anyway, will let you know when we see it and how it was........

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